Caigos GmbH, Kirkel:

Most Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have quite good capabilities with respect to database access and data visualization but they quite often lack of sophisticated algorithms or informative features relying on complex computations. One of the main reasons is that most approaches don't come along with problems due to inexact computations or degenerated problem instances.

Caigos GmbH overcomes that difficulty by using extensively the geometric part of the L E D A   library in its products. L E D A   on one hand provides data types and algorithms like polygon intersection, voronoi diagrams and similar features, on the other hand it performs exact computations with arbitrary precision.

The figures show several snapshots of SWBB's flagship application Caigos®. It provides for instance an absolutely error-free module for area intersection and union.

Note; Caigos Software, die bis zum 31.07.2010 unter dem Zeichen POLYGIS®, einer Marke der IAC mbH, Leipzig, vertrieben wurde, heißt ab dem 01.08.2010 CAIGOS. Die Urheberrechte und das Copyright an den Anwendungen liegen bei der CAIGOS GmbH. Alle Fachanwendungen heißen jetzt CAIGOS-ALKIS, -ALK, -ALB, -ATKIS, -BNP, -BPL, -FNP, -Naturreg, -Biotope, -Ökokonto, -Elektro,- Gas, -Wasser, -Fernwärme, -Telekommunikation, -Kanal, -MKV …



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