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Release Notes

Release LEDA 6.4: July 09, 2012


All Users / All Editions:

  • Multithread Safety:

Each LEDA package comes in two variants, one is thread safe, the other is not. Customers who do not need multithread safety in their projects should use the latter variant, since its performance in single threaded applications is slightly better.

  • Include Paths:

The flat directory incl_old is no longer available. Users of LEDA have to adapt the include paths in the source programs to the include hierarchy given in incl/LEDA

  • Professional & Research Edition vs. Free Edition:

The current LEDA Free Edition is a subset of LEDA 6.3 and as such is fully compatible to the Professional & Research Edition of LEDA. That means, any code developed using LEDA 6-3 free will also compile and run using the Professional or Research Edition.

MS Windows Users / All Editions:

LEDA 6.3 and LEDA 6.4 support .NET 2008 and .NET 2010.

Unix & Linux Users / Research & Professional Edition:

  • Libraries:

So far LEDA was divided into several libraries, libL, libG, libP, etc. Starting with LEDA 6.0 there is only one library, libleda. See the manual chapter: Object Code on Unix for more information.

  • g++ 4.4.x:

When using g++ 4.4.x and LEDA, all application programs have to be compiled either with optimization level -O (that is, NOT with higher optimization levels) or - in case you insist on using optimization level -O2 - the flag -fno-strict-aliasing has to be set, too. That is you have to compile with "-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing"

Subscribers to LEDA Graph or LEDA Geometry Package:

With version 6.0 the LEDA graph and geometry package are no longer available as separate packages but they are fully integrated in the LEDA Professional and LEDA Research Ediion. All customers subscribed to the graph or geometry package will automatically be upgraded to the full LEDA package.

Subscribers to LEDA Commercial Server Object Code License:

With version 6.0 of LEDA, we no longer offer the commercial server license. Customers subscribed to a commercial server license are automatically upgraded to the new LEDA site object code license, professional edition. For more information, see the LEDA End User License Agreement, Site License.


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