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Current Version: 6.4

The Most Comprehensive C++ Library Available Worldwide!

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March 2014:
Kurt Mehlhorn, co-founder of Algorithmic Solutions, has been elected as Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering, U.S.A.

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LEDA Features:

  • MS Windows, Unix, Linux platform
  • Associative Container Types
  • Static / Dynamic Graphs & Networks
  • Number Types
  • Linear / Curved Geometric Data Types
  • Grafic User Interfaces
  • Multi-thread safe
  • Module Network Algorithms
  • Module Geometric Algorithms
  • Module Compression
  • Module Cryptography
  • Module Graph & Subgraph Isomorphisms
  • Module String Alignment
  • Module GUI

Release Note:

LEDA 6.4 provides new functions in the 3d_point type and an algorithm for the k-shortest-path problem.

LEDA 6.4 is also a maintenance release and fixes various problems, especially with the 64 bit computational kernel.

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